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Course 1 / Lecture 5:

Install Ozeki 10

Ozeki 10 is the best robot operating system out there. It can be used to program Lego robots, Arduino driven robots and industrial robots, such as CNC milling machines, laser cutters and industrial robot arms. It is also a great software for building sensor networks and to do home automation. In this lecture you will learn how to setup Ozeki 10 on your Windows 10 PC.

What are the supported platforms?

Install Ozeki 10 Robot OS on Windows 10 Install Ozeki 10 Robot OS on Windows 10 Install Ozeki 10 Robot OS on Linux Install Ozeki 10 Robot OS on Raspbian OS on Raspberry PI board Install Ozeki 10 Robot OS on Android Install Ozeki 10 Robot OS on Asus TinkerOS

Figure 1 - Supported operating systems by Ozeki 10

The Ozeki 10 Robot operating system can be installed on Windows, Linux, Android, Raspbian and Asus TinkerOS. In terms of Linux, both Intel and Arm based architectures are supported. This means it works will on a desktop PC, on a Raspberry PI board, on an Asus Tinker board and on Android mobile phones.

What is Ozeki?

Ozeki 10 is a Robot operating system. It gives you an easy way to control your devices, and to build robots. It is unique, because it offers a user interface throught a webbrowser, which means your program can run control PC in your robot. You don't need a keyboard, mouse and display attached to the control PC in order to use it. Everything can be done from a webbrowser over the Internet.


Task #1:

Find Ozeki 10 installation file and download it!

First download the product. Ozeki 10's installer can be easily downloaded from Ozeki's website. Open the website and select the installation file for your OS, although all of our smart courses use Microsoft Windows. Please provide your name and e-mail address and click on 'OK' to download the installation file. You will see how to install Ozeki 10 in this short lecture, which will demonstrate you the Windows installation procedure through simple tasks. Although I am sure you can find the installation guide on our website, even though you are not using Windows.

Figure 2 - Downloading Ozeki 10's installer

Task #2:

Click on the installer to start the installation!

In this task, please start the installation on your PC. The Windows PC needs to be connected to the internet, so after the trial you can activate your software license. You also have to open up the firewall to make your Ozeki 10 server available from any remote webbrowser client. Start by unzipping the downloaded file and start the installation. Click on 'Next' then please review the license agreement (Figure 3). If you accept license agreement, please click on 'I Agree'.

Figure 3 - Read and accept the license agreement

Task #3:

Provide target directory during installation!

Please choose destination folder by clicking 'Browse...' button (Figure 4). It is advised to keep the default installation folder for Ozeki 10, which can be found at the following destination:

C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki10

You can find all data files created or added to your Ozeki server at


Figure 4 - Providing Ozeki 10's installation folder

Task #4:

Finish installation by providing user details!

Step 1: Provide username and password

After providing the destination folder, a new window should pop-up, where you should provide the admin's password and click 'Next' to finish installation (Figure 5). The password has to be at least 6 characters long, while 'admin' is the username of the first created user. Later on you can create more users in Ozeki 10 if you wish. You will see another window to add the contact detail of the admin. Later on you can add contact details to any user you have created.

Figure 5 - Adding the password for the admin user

Step 2: Provide your name and your email

After providing your username and your password successful, a new window will pop-up where you need to provide your full name, your email adress and you can provide your company and you can provide your country. You should see a window like in Figure 6. Click on 'Next' button and continue the installation. Let's check the next step to see how you can finish the installation.

Figure 6 - Adding a name and an email address

Step 3: Finish installation

Click 'Finish' in the installation window (Figure 7) to finish Ozeki 10's installation and the application should open in your primary webbrowser. If you would like to start Ozeki 10, you can find the following shortcuts on your desktop: 'Ozeki Chat' and 'Ozeki Desktop'. Please start 'Ozeki Desktop'. The Ozeki 10 service will start in the background. The good thing is that it automatically restarts after every Windows reboot. You can join the Ozeki Chat by click on 'Ozeki Chat'.

Figure 7 - Finishing the installation of your Ozeki 10 server

Task #5:

Log in to Ozeki 10!

If the Ozeki 10 service is running, it is reachable through any webbrowser with the following link. Although on a remote machine you can change 'localhost' to the server IP in the HTTP address:


This is Ozeki 10's browser client. The first screen you will see on the browser is the Ozeki 10 login screen. Type your username and your password (Figure 8) to start Ozeki 10.

Figure 8 - Login Ozeki 10 through your webbrowser


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