Learn to build great robots

Today the most valuable knowledge you can acquire is robotics. Take the on-line courses offered by this website, and learn to build great robots. After completing all 10 courses, you will become a skilled robot designer. You will be able to write robot control programs and you will be able to build robots for home and business use.

Motion planning
Robot vision
Data acquisition

Learn to code in SNAP

Courses 1-9 use SNAP, a visual, drag-and-drop programming language developed at the University of Berkley. It is the best tool for learning to code. Course 10 gives you all the information needed to switch to C#.Net, the programming language used by businesses.

Go beyond simple sensors

In the lectures on this site we use Ozeki 10, a fantastic, easy to use robot operating system. You will enjoy using it. Thanks to Ozeki, you will learn to use the camera to do circle, line, barcode, QR code detection, face detection and other robot vision related tasks. You will also learn about robot communication using text to speech, speech to text, SMS messaging, voice telephone calls, E-mail alerts and more. You will gather important knowledge of advanced sensors, such as GPS and Lidars and about great input methods, such as using a gamepad for control or using the built in sensors of a mobile phone for input in your robot.

Robotics courses

Course 1: Build your first robot

Learn to build a Lego robot! Start from the basics and go all the way to creating a PC controlled robot that can drive around an obstacle course with fun and ease.

Course 2: Robot programming

Write code to control your Lego robot! You will learn how to communicate with your robot, and how to write easy to understand programs.

Course 3: Introduction to sensors

Learn what a sensor is and how actuators operate. Find out what each sensor can measure and how you can use these sensors in your program code.

Course 4: Robot control

Learn to control your robot! Start by driving it from your keyboard or gamepad, and go all the way to automated control using steps written in code.

Course 5: Robot communication

Learn about speech recognition and voice control. See how a robot can interact with the world using SMS, E-mail, voice calls and other means of communication.

Course 6: Robot motion planning

Learn how to calculate time, distance and speed. Learn to predict the movement of your robots and see how gears can make a robot more powerful or faster.

Course 7: Robot navigation

Learn what a lidar is, find out how a parking assist system works using ultrasonic distance sensors and how a robot vacuum can find the dock.

Course 8: Robot vision

Learn how to use cameras and visual sensors to coordinate robot motion. It shows you how to turn an USB camera into an amazing vision system.

Course 9: Data acquisition

Collecting data and use it to make robot control decisions. In this course you will learn how to gather sensor data into a database and how to work with it.

Course 10: Become a robot master

The goal of this lecture is to make you an expert robot programmer. You will learn how to troubleshoot problems and build fault tolerant robots.
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