Course 10 / Lecture 5:

Build a user interface for multiple robots

Robots can be connected to and disconnected from your system. In this lecture you will learn to use connection related events. This will allow you to write an app, that can discover new sensors, new robots as they are attached to your system. You will also be able to detect if a robot sensor goes offline or is lost.

Task #1:

Build a page the queries the connections!

In the following video you can see how to create a new page and override its IndexB method that is always called when the page is opened. You can also see how to query the list of all available lego connections that is created under the control panel of Ozeki 10.

Task #2:

Sign up for events to detect new robots!

The OzConnectionManager Instance has two events (OnItemAdded and OnItemDeleted) which are occured whether a new connection is added to your Ozeki 10 or an existing connection is deleted from the system. In the following video you can learn how to use them.

Task #3:

Create a GPC to display robot details!

The next step is to create an OzGPC_LegoRobotDetails class that will be responsible for listing the available lego connection in Ozeki 10 and its details. In this example an OzGPC_Image will be added under the name of the connection.

Task #4:

Improve your GPC to display robot status information!

The following video shows you how to create a Status Indicator LED for your connection. If the state of the connection changes, this LED will be also changed automatically due to the connection's state.

Task #5:

Add an on-off switch to your robot!

In the last task of this lecture you can get information about how to create a switch button to connect your Lego robot to Ozeki 10 and to disconnect it from the system. It will work on the same way as the Control Panel's switch button works.

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