Krisztina Balog
Robot designer and programmer

Hi, my name is Krisztina Balog. I always find new things to learn and spend a lot of my time getting familiar with new programming languages to create useful programs.

Nowadays I am learning how to Build Robots and develop my Robot Programming skills. I will hand over all my experience in Robot programming through this course. But the most important thing for you is to learn a lot through this Course. By the end of the Lectures you will find out your own creative way to communicate with your Lego robot.

Let's build robots together!

Norbert Serbán
Network communication expert

Hi, my name is Norbert Serbán and I love to spend my days learning something new. I invested a lot of my time in expanding my mind and getting familiar with various types of scientific topics.

Nowadays I am passionate about Game Development, Artificial Intelligence and Robot Programming. I would love to hand over all of my experience in Robot programming through this course. But most importantly I hope you will have fun during the whole course and by the end of the lectures you will find out your own creative way to communicate with your Lego robot.

I can hardly wait to lead you through this course!

Zsolt Petri
Computer vision developer

Hi, my name is Zsolt Petri. I am always eager to invest my time in learning new topics, although I spend most of my time teaching to cover a wide range of different scientific topics.

Nowadays I am passionate about robot software development tools. Then I have found Ozeki 10. I will do my best to show you my passion in AI technologies. I have gained diverse experience in this field. I spent one year doing research in Machine Learning based on sensors and working on innovative and exciting projects. I have also implemented some Machine Learning models to detect objects in different colors with popular type of sensors you can easily acquire.

I am looking forward to a successful and bright future filled with even smarter AI technologies!

Péter Hotzi
IoT specialist

Hi, my name is Peter Hotzi and I am eager to learn something new every day. I invest a lot of my time making my room more comfortable using open source technologies that are smart.

Nowadays I am passionate about Fault Tolerance, Machine Learning and Internet of Things. I will do my very best to pass my passion of IoT to you. I have an Engineering bachelor's degree with a specialisation in System Design in Computer Science, so I have gained diversified experience in the field. By the end of these lectures you will have no problem in calculating robot motion data.

I hope you will have fun during the whole course.

Tamás Koncz
Development engineer

Hi, I am Thomas and I am an industry veteran capable to handle multiple tasks and manage interesting robot projects. I have worked with Lego Mindstorm robots since high school, but at the company we have managed to make your robots do more tasks than you could ever imaging.

I was always passionate about elementary phisycs, which I used to roll the company forward. As an employee, I always get interesting tasks from programming, up to design and construction. Where I work is a great place to go beyond my master degree skills. The community work to teach children make me go forward, since all of us would like to live in a smart and rich society.

By integrating Ozeki 10 into your neighbourhood, you can see your friends get smarter and richer.

Gábor Kádár
Robot sensor expert

Hi, my name is Gábor Kádár. I always find a way to develop my skills and spend a lot of time creating new and useful things helping everyday life of normal people like me.

Nowadays I am studying about Artificial Intelligence and Robot Programming and I would like to hand over this experienced knowledge through the course. I hope you will find it useful and you will learn a lot of new and interesting things through the Course.

I am looking forward to see your success!

Péter Polgár
Computer scientist

Hi, my name is Péter, living every day to learn something new, I invested a lot of my time in learning programming and improving my logical thinking skills.

Nowadays I am passionate about code optimization and solving mathematical tasks. I'm in the field of computer science. In most of my time I have learned high level programming, some low level programming, basic knowledge of computer networks, web developing and database management. I have some experience in creating graphical user interfaces. I also love parallel computing and creating programs handling multiple threads.

It will be great to use some robot programming skills you can gather!

Demeter Görög
C# developer

Hello, my name is Demeter Görög. I am studying at the University of Debrecen to be a computer scientist. My favourite programming language is C#.

I love to learn how to develop softwares. My hobby is to intend machine learning and artificial intelligence lectures. I will graduate next year. I would love to spend most of my time with developing web based and desktop products. I would also love to develop for smart phones.

I hope you will enjoy learning from my courses.

Ádám Nagy
Computer engineer

Hi, my name is Ádám Nagy. I am studying computer engineering at the University of Debrecen. I spent a lot of time learning about robots and how to program them.

I am passionate about Artificial Intelligence implemented in robots. I have gathered some extra knowledge in this field, so I hope you will gain some experience in Robot Navigation by the end of this course. I am quite certain these skills will feed your hunger of knowledge.

You will be capable to navigate your robot through almost any obstacle course after 10 lectures.

Ágota Pöstényi
Photo model

Hi, I am Ágota and I have been working here for years. This is a great place where I meet new people, who are the best in the industry. What I do is basicly manage salaries and comfort the employees. I also love to find new ones to create a colorful team that we can rely on.

I have studied basic economics and now I am improving myself as an accountant by getting close to the master degree at the University of Debrecen. I have some special hobbies too. Running is a great way to ease up stress and reading is the best way to free up my mind. I have also read a bunch of recipe books, so cooking is basicly got part of my everyday life. In this lecture, I helped our team store information in text files and SQL databases.

I feel comfortably on videos with my fashionable look.

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